I love this recipe because it is earthy, homey, healthy, inexpensive and unpretentious. It is one that will always impress folks but isn’t too complicated. This is also a recipe that can be really easily altered with the seasons. This is one that I always return to in my menus. During the winter, carrots, beets and kale are great but during the summer you can get really creative with it. I often add mushrooms to this recipe, a favorite food of mine. Mushrooms are so versatile and packed with nutrients. They are perfect for someone who is looking for ways to move away from a classic American meat filled diet; they can be manipulated in so many ways and can be substituted for a dish that calls for meat. Mushrooms are the great communicators of the natural world and are a food I hold a lot of respect for. 

I love to cook because I love the surprises food can hold. Seeing the joy you can bring to a room when you cook something that is interesting and fun and engaging and in tune with the land around you is so satisfying. I also love a good challenge and there is always more to learn in the world of food and cooking, there is never a point where you are done studying and growing and learning as a chef, which makes this work so much more motivating for me. Right now, I am working as the sous chef at a spot called Bis on Main in Bellevue. If you are in the area, come on in and ask for me, I would love to hear your experience with this recipe! I hope you enjoy this recipe and don’t forget to get creative with it and use what you have access to in order to make this delicious and perfect for you.

Benjamin Jones (he/him)

I am a Muscogee and Black chef located on occupied Duwamish land. I am passionate about sharing stories through food and finding creative ways to make sustainable, healthy food also taste bomb. I love to learn new techniques and ways to honor the food we have been blessed with. On my days off, I am happiest when I am on a hike with my partner and our dog!