cover of Get Well Soon World by Anna Banks. A bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper are shown beneath the title.
Cover of "Get Well Soon World" by Anna Banks. A bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper are shown beneath the title.
It has been a long and hard year...
A string of balloons that say “2020” with a speech bubble that reads “happy new year.” Image by Anna Banks.
People everywhere were sick and dying. Many still are.... School and work semi-permanently moved into our homes.
Page 2: Two people standing in line six feet apart. Page 3: A man working at a computer sighing as a cat taps at his computer and a voice in the background asks if he can help with their homework. Images by Anna Banks.
We had to stay away from our loved ones to keep each other safe and look out for their health and many of the things that we loved to do together as a community shut down
Page 4: A nursing home with a sign in front that says “closed to visitors”. Page 5: A concert with a large crowd. Images by Anna Banks.
But through all of the grief, the anger, the sadness, the waiting... we learned to value the things that truly matter.
Page 6: A community pantry with a fridge, shelves filled with items, and clothing items, labelled “Free Pantry” and “Take what you need!” Pg. 7: A person with a large hat holding a carrot in front of rows of plants and a “community garden” sign. Images by Anna Banks.
Friends and community, family, spending time in nature, pets and other small animal friends.
Page 8: Hands holding up Black Lives Matter sign, a computer screen with a young person video-chatting their Grandma. Page 9: a child on a path holding up a leaf saying “look Mama! Big Leaf”; a bird, frog, and snail. Images by Anna Banks.
We started learning how to take care of ourselves, and learned how to care for each other.
Page 10: a person crying underneath a comforter with tissues nearby saying “therapy is hard, but it is good for me” Page 11: a phone screen that says “Mutual aid request! Unhoused Black caregiver needs money for food and shelter” with speech bubbles around the phone that say “You can stay in my spare room!”, “Boosting!”, and “I can drop off some food for you!” Images by Anna Banks.
The more we slowed our lives, the more we grew into who we were meant to be. We learned to deconstruct and unlearn harmful things that we were taught, and began to accept ourselves and each other for who we are.
Page 12: words and phrases inside dark, dripping bubbles. Page 13: words and phrases inside colorful, flowery bubbles. Images by Anna Banks.
If we try to do what is good, selfless and healing like..." and many words and phrases are written across the two pages such as "Do something silly! Think of others! Rest! Vote! Forgive yourself!! Dance more! Mutual aid!! Share resources! Dismantle systems of injustice."
Examples of good, selfless, and healing actions. Image by Anna Banks..
Then eventually, when he world is safer and healthier, we can come back together as people that care for one another, and spread love wherever we are.
Page 16: The earth, a mask, Band-Aid, pills, and candy. Page 17: a small heart and a computer with a video call on the screen. Images by Anna Banks.
Portrait of Anna

Anna Banks (she/they)

I’m a Queer, Jewish human from Eugene, Oregon studying environmental science and making art! I am a vertebrate paleontology researcher and am currently writing and illustrating a children’s book about mushrooms! I believe that life is meant for appreciating small moments, sensations, good food, and the company of other lovely humans. I hope to use art and writing to further connect with local communities. Instagram: @anna.eb